Resize a Mask for a Child

Like the rest of the country, you may need a face mask when you’re out and about. But, what about your kids? Many studies have shown that kids contract and spread more germs than adults. If you have a spare mask and plan on heading out the door with your little one, consider a quick and convenient way to keep them protected. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to resize a mask (adult sized disposable face mask) to snugly fit your child’s face.

Before starting to resize a mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.

Video Tutorial - Resize a Mask

Step 1.

Hold the mask vertically with the inside of the mask facing up.

Step 2.

Fold in the bottom part of the mask (the part that would go below your chin) halfway and then flatten the crease by pressing down on it.

Step 3.

Fold in the top part of the mask (the part that would go above your nose) halfway on top of the bottom half you just folded, then flatten it as well.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Step 4.

Still holding the mask vertically, stretch the ear strap and wrap it around your index finger, and then tie a knot.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Step 5.

Remove your index finger from the knot, pull and then tighten the knot.

Step 6.

Repeat step 5 to the other side of the mask.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Step 7.

Open the mask carefully.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Step 8.

Flip the mask so that the inside of it is facing you. With your index finger, push the tip of the mask (near the ear strap and at the ends of the nose bridge) inward. There should be a small window where you pushed in the mask.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Resize a Mask
Step 9.

Flatten the part you pushed inward to fit the mold of the mask wall. Repeat on other side.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Step 10.

Carefully open the mask, which should now be much smaller than before.

DIY Child Face Mask Steps
Step 11.

Try the mask on your child. Ensure that the mask is comfortable and that the child understands proper mask precautions, then you’re ready to go!

Child wearing face mask
Child wearing face mask

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    I was grateful to get your masks when i re opened my hair studio. Theyre the only mask I can keep on for more than an hour at a time. Because I do color im curious if you will ever start making these in black or multicolored. I change masks average 4 a day .

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