Miss Arizona USA 2018, Nicole J Smith, on Huuman’s 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Miss Arizona USA 2018, Nicole J Smith, shares her thoughts on our 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks, the benefits of wearing PPE, and more. See her feedback below:

Miss Arizona USA 2018, Nicole J Smith, wearing our 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Lets talk PPE, Giving back, AND protecting our friends and family. .

I’ve recently partnered with @huumangear and we wanted to share some information on this popular topic. .

❓Why wear masks? cOrOnA vIrUs can get through it – Technically yes but like other Illnesses and diseases we can be carriers and this is about slowing the spread of our own germs. This limits the amount of containments YOU share. I look at this as my way of hugging my fellow humans because it’s saying “I care about you and want to keep you safe”. This is ME doing MY part. It’s just like washing your hands. It’s not only for your safety but the safety of others. .

For example: Would you like a chef to cook your food without a hairnet on? Or someone with a wound to touch your food without gloves on? Think about it. It’s not for their safety but yours. It’s gross to think about but that’s an example I think will really click for some.

❓ What if I told you your purchase also helps local food kitchens and shelters? Guess what – It does! Huuman Gear is donating PPE to local shelters and food kitchens thanks to you and your support. They’ve donated 1850 face masks in the past 2 weeks!

❓ Which mask should I buy? This lightweight and breathable face mask is great for everyday errands (remember – Blue side out!) However if you are in the medical field then KN95 masks are available. If you are working closely with clients and patients then Face Shields are recommended to protect YOU, with a mask that will protect your clients/patients. Don’t forget your sanitizer as well which are also available on the website. .

❓ What if I’m a nonprofit and need supplies? A great question! If you are a nonprofit organization then you are encouraged to reach out at Huumangear.com and their wonderful team will work with you to get PPE for you and your volunteers. .

This is not me telling you what to do. This is just a little bit of information and perspective on where you can find affordable PPE, and the effectiveness of it. You don’t have to agree with me and if you do, cool. Just don’t attack one another because your views are different. Please be kind and be safe. .

Xoxo, Coco

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